Accepting your imperfections;



This may sound like a cliche, but truth be told we all have flaws, flaws that we may be ashamed of, either physically, character wise or emotionally. for some people its a naughty habit they have no control over. Basically there are things people don’t like about us, it could either be the way we look, our funny accent, our lack of dress sense, the way we walk, or even the way we handle or address life situations. YES! People cant just deal with this flaw of ours, but what about ourselves? can we deal with our flaws? or do we just hate ourselves because we don’t have the perfect body, or a graceful attitude, we think the person next door

is just a complete package, and we can’t just help it, than to envy him or her. for the ladies, we think the girl next door is sexier, with a good charisma, she has the perfect body, flawless skin,. Ah, Sylvia? God take time create her abeg, in-fact she was created on a Sunday, Chris? OMG, he is so smart and handsome, have you heard him speak? his accent is dope. For where he didn’t school abroad anything…Na Naija breed like us, he is just opportune to have come from a wealthy home. And he is so damn lucky, he is dating one of the hottest girls,,,,Have you seen his latest ride? Oh Boy! the car finish work….i go hammer ooo. 


The ladies; Hmmm, my dear, did you see what Sylvia wore to church yesterday? you need to see her bag, shoe, then the hair…only God knows what that one is called and how much its worth…. i even heard her boyfriend just bought her a car, you wont blame her na…. she is beautiful with a good character. 
Look at us na, wetin guy wan see for our body? is it our razness or our mumu sense of dressing? and you wey too dey vex, you no go fit hold man sef….Abi ooo. who even wan notice me, with my Okpolo eye? i wish i was more beautiful, taller, bigger boobs, pimple free face, schooled abroad or even come from a wealthy family…. the story line goes on and on. 
Bottom line, no body has it all, and nobody is perfect….the life you see on social media are not exactly what it seems. 
Its high-time we as human start learning to accept our life and ourselves just 
the way it is. 
i am 25 years old and just like everyone i have my flaws…i have habits i find difficult to control,,,, i don’t exactly love my height…am quite on the petite side, i cry when watching sad, or romantic movies…and aside that, am a just a jolly good fellow who is too good at heart, people may not see that as a flop, but i do. i wish i was tougher, i wish i wasn’t too soft, i wish i had a tiny winy little bit of patience in me, wish i could smile often,…my perfect imperfections could go on and on….but i do remind my self each day, that even though i don’t look like a super star, or have the body of a porn star, i may not be the prettiest, smartest or sexiest girl am not half bad either, some things about me are fucking excellent.
our generation seem to have taken self hate to a different new level, we can’t just deal with our own flaws, that it begins to affect the way we see ourselves, leaving us bothered about how people see us, we are worried if the society will applaud us or judge us. forgetting it all starts with us, i think it’s time we as individuals begin to accept us for who we truly are, it’s time for us to acept our imperfections…self love should be the word of the day…pamper yourself for no reason, give yourself a threat, give yourself a break, take that trip you’ve always wanted…put yourself first in everything. OH NO, its not selfishness, its selflove.
Learn to accept your imperfections, love yourself first, only then will the world accept you too. Let that love that dwells in you radiate on the outside…

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  1. …the life you see on social media isn't exactly what it seems… My fave line. Nice one mau!

  2. Yes Yes! Thanks dear!

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