Common Lies Men Tell By Ashley Nweke



Lying has become a common trend, and we can’t deny the fact that we all lie, either to save ourselves from an awkward or embarrassing situation or to make someone feel better or worse about themselves. Frankly it’s in a human nature to lie, even though we may not like to admit the fact that lying could be both good and bad. It all depends on the situation you find yourself at that point in time.
Now let’s be clear, even though lying may have saved you from a really bad situation, and smoothened over a potential dispute, a lie is a lie. Lying can quickly make things significantly messy and bad for you. It’s like the common saying which says “say the truth and it will set you free”. But the men of our generation have taken lying to another level. Men lie to make their spouse feel good about themselves, find a way out of a relationship which is no longer beneficial to them or as a shield from a very bad scene or just to keep their relationships on the up. To them there is nobility in this common white lies that’s always at the tip of their lips. 
Am sure the ladies often wonder why men are epic liars. Now here is the answer, the number one reason why men frequently and repeatedly lie to women is to help them maintain their delusional fantasies of their “ideal man”. This makes it hard for women to stay angry at them for too long, lets be honest women would rather want to believe those lies than deal with the truth. 
After all that being said; Here are what I have categorize as the most common and frequently repeated lies men tell. 
 I have developed a soft spot for you

It’s not just about sex with you

 I promise, I won’t touch you if you come over

 She means nothing to me

I love you

 Tell me, it won’t change anything

 I promise I won’t hurt you

Nothing happened

 I only have eyes for you

 I miss you too

 I thought about you all day

 I want to take things slow

 I have no reason to lie to you

 I’ve never been like this with another girl

 You’re the first girl I am ever saying this to

 You’re the best sex I’ve ever had

 I don’t get jealous

 I don’t know why she keeps calling me

 I’m sorry

 I’ve not had sex in months

 I was driving when you called

 I’m going out to watch champions league finals with my boys

 I’m a changed person

 My boss wants me to work this weekend

 I’m not trying to get in your pants, I just want your company

 I’ve been busy, that’s why you’ve not heard from me

 I’m trying to break up with her so you and I can be together

  I prefer you on your natural hair

 You look better without make up

 You’re so funny

 I don’t have feelings for her, she’s just my best friend

Sex wasn’t the only thing on my mind when I met you

 Having sex on our first date won’t make me think any less of you

And so on…ladies be conscious of this common lies… Don’t fall prey. 
Have you ever been lied to? What common lie has been used on you? Tell us in the comment section. 

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