Although am a strong woman



Although am a strong woman! 
I’m allowed to cry, am allowed to crave attention, am allowed to act like a child once in a while! Am allowed to want to be pampered! Am allowed to want love! Am allowed to feel weak, am allowed to feel discouraged, am allowed to have

mood swings, am allowed to be scared, am allowed to fail, it’s ok to have feelings of self doubt! ( only for a while, but make sure to build your self confidence in the process!) it’s ok to want and feel all this things. But most importantly am certainly not allowed to throw in the towel! Am not allowed to give up or walk away! Am not allowed to give up on my dreams. Am not allowed to stay in defeat. Failure is just a learning process so am allowed to try again even if I fail a thousand times because am a strong praying woman.

I classify myself as a strong woman basically because I have had to deal with some major life issues alone, but those experiences didn’t break me, it made me stronger and determined. The reason for this post is to encourage every strong woman out there struggling with certain life challenges. We are fighters, we are not permitted to stay grounded. 
Even though it’s ok to cry, we are not allowed to live in our pain. We just have to dust ourselves off and start all over again until we succeed! 
Let’s see those troubles and setbacks as stepping stones, let’s see them as opportunities for growth! 
Let’s be strong women with purpose. 

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