Blog Reader Experience: Lives threatened, property lost and girls raped as cultists hit student lodge in abeokuta



A blog reader shares a not so pleasant experience while on a school trip. 
I’m a student from the university of calabar studying theatre arts and media studies, a couple students based on assessments took a field trip down west into the shores of

the ancient city of Abeokuta to cover some events taking place in the state university.
As arranged we were welcomed by officials on the other side, this is a regular assessment so it’s just another set passing by. We were taken to a lodge we had paid for back in school and we carried out all necessary activities and were almost ready to leave the city that Thursday night when we heard gun shots just outside the compound with orders to vacate the rooms with our hands on our heads, there were men, armed to the teeth, asking if there was any girl amongst us, after certain treats and assault a few of them entered the room and made away with valuables ranging from gadgets to jewelry and money and they left. Discussions about the issue with neighbors unveiled the fact that a group of girls also on field trip from another school were brutally raped and had been rushed to the hospital.
Personally I lost a laptop, a phone and a digital camera and I think the level of such robbery in Nigeria is at its maximum, I mean these men were heavily armed with very sophisticated weapons. Where are they getting these weapons? Who is licensing? Why are they still roaming the streets free? Is the concept of justice just a mere talk? I want to know.

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