Mau’s Diary: My 08-04-2016 Experience



First am going to say, no one..i mean no one had better say to me…being a woman is an easy task… Because the pain we feel each month and the amount of blood that goes out of us…every month is not a child’s play! Ok…I hope that explains how my day began…..

And after laying in bed for most part of the day…I decided to pick up my laptop and writing pads just to go through how far I have gone on my projects… though at that point I was feeling discouraged mainly because I wasn’t getting the kind of positive response I expected in regards my project… just as I was going through my notes for 2014, I stumbled upon a write up that lifted my spirit. And am going to share it in a bit… It’s all about believing in one’s self and not giving up on your dreams… it’s like it’s being said… “when you try and you don’t succeed, you try and try and try again” . At this point am saying to myself…Maureen, you are not giving up… winners never quit!! I hope this write up will inspire you and lift up your spirits just like it did me.
Dear friends;
It’s time to set aside pre conceived notions about who you are, each of is is free to re invest ourselves as often as we would like, regardless of the negative things people may have said about you and made you believe about yourself, you still got to believe in yourself rather than the weak opinions of others, your life won’t change Until you decide to let it become better. You must determine in your heart not to listen to self limitations and fear as they whisper to you, there are possibilities available to you beyond what you can conceive, don’t give up on your dreams, because you have been told it can not become a reality, don’t shut down your dreams before you even give them a chance of becoming the reality you always hoped for, I know there may be questions in your hearts, we are always bound to find the answers. It’s time to bring your dream into focus and eventually to manifest your dream you don’t have to giveup on yourself.

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