Mau’s Diary – My 06-04-2016 Experience



Yesterday began on a good note, though I was exhausted from the daily activity of 05-04, and I had a short night… I felt lazy getting out of bed, but I had to because there were places I needed to get to and people to see…. and so I managed to pull my self up after saying my prayers of course…. I freshened up and started my day… After series of meetings on an empty stomach oooo I had encounters with terrible people. Believe me there are people in this world we live in. Wonderful set of people…

Now, let’s fast forward to when my awful experiences for the day began. I live in Calabar, Cross River State for most of you who might want to know. Ok it’s like this, on my way after meeting with my dad… I pleaded with him to drop me off at Tinapa Business Resort…

He obliged, trust now..daddies little girl…. I needed to charge and get some stuffs done online… My beloves, I haven’t seen light in my area for almost 4 weeks now, that’s a month now, and the current alarming price of Fuel ehn… That’s if you even see to buy sef!
So, my major reason I needed a quick stop at the Lakeside Hotel… After spending some time there we decided to head back home, Mummy needed a ride to church… Did I forget to mention that in the midst of all this…there was a massive and heavy down pour of rain… (so now you know)
As we headed out of the resort….guess what was waiting ahead of us… Flood my darlings. hmmm…

 I asked my dad, how are we supposed to get through this? he said! No we aren’t Lol! He made a u-turn and we drove back to Tinapa. Ok, at this point we needed snacks for refreshment… So we stopped by a mini mart and bought coke and cookies…

I tried to open my coke, and the cover was quite easy, I was like nooo…this coke no be am… why is it so easy to open? My dad said…Ehm, if it’s hard, you will complain, now it’s easy you’re still complaining… I said OK, have mine let me have yours… so we made an exchange there… after two sips.. he finally agreed with me that there was something wrong… He was like the coke is FLAT… so he headed back to the store, and I followed… After informing the store owner? or keeper? I don’t even know… she looked at the coke, and said… you shouldn’t have opened it… I was like ah aunty… lol! Ok change it naw! She said no she can’t. That it’s not her fault the drink is flat! Ok fine… let us buy another one naw, she said there are all the same! Ah Ah! Hey God! Ok you won’t change it, you won’t sell another and you won’t apologize? What? This is what we call poor customer service to the core… there are set of people in this world. I said to her… I buy a drink, it turned out bad, I return, you can’t replace it, you can’t sell another and you can’t apologize… what kind of business do you run? She was like…ehn, it’s not my fault, I am nt coco cola, please don’t come to my shop again. I was like eh, woman, that’s where you got it wrong, with the way you just treated us, there is no come back.. and same to every one I know too.

i mean no body is saying it’s your fault and nobody is saying you are coca cola… You can even return it to the company and there will easily replace it… it’s that simple… A little we are sorry, please try this one, but you are paying oo… with a smile,,, And everyone laughs and all is good.

Sometime all your customer need is a little courtesy and appreciation..
So after that awful experience we tried to get back home… all to no avail… This was my front view for almost four hours…

The kind of cold I felt… ehn… then when we finally got pass this river of Babylon we met a terrific traffic jam… Oh Lord!! That was when I died and woke up… (Literally)
And when I finally got back home, I realized and agreed there is no place like home… At that moment home was bae. 
I called out to my bed…”momma is home”.

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