What do women want? (eyes rolling) ….well, this is one of the most challenging questions of all time….women are complex creatures and we all know that! trying to figure out a woman isn’t easy at all. To think that, I often feel figuring out a man is difficult! This is even harder.

I spent a lot of time reading materials and articles trying to understand how to articulate what women really do want. I even heard the master of modern psychology (Sigmund Frued) died trying to figure out a woman……(smh).

One of the most outstanding reasons why understanding women isn’t such an easy task is based mainly on the fact that women process thoughts and emotions on a rather different level.

Nevertheless, this is not solely about what women want from men,( that’s a story for another day). Yea! We are different, but women aren’t the great mystery that men often make us out to be.

On my quest in figuring out what “we” as women want….. I had to interview some  people around to get a first hand insight on what women want, their answers were similar! “Women want to be happy, they want to be in charge of their lives”

Most of the men I interviewed think “women only want money” I think that’s lame. Basically all a woman actually want is happiness. This could be linked to a successful career, a solid relationship, and a happy home.

Based on personal thoughts and from everything I have researched and seen…  I think all a woman want is ” Happiness, Love and career ”  most time it’s left for us as women to decide for ourselves if it’s a career we want or just to become a house wife… But i’ll say “do what makes you happy” if you want both, go for it.

The truth is: You are meant to have an amazing life! You are meant to have everything you love and desire. You are meant to accomplish all you wish to accomplish, your relationships with your family and friends are meant to be filled with happiness, you are meant to be living your dreams, If you want to be a business owner, a scientist, a singer, a performer, a parent, a wife. What ever it is you want. You are meant to be it.
You are meant to wake up each day filled with fulfilment and excitement. You are meant to be victorious, you are meant to experience life to its fullest and have everything you want. You are meant to be happy.

So there you have it…. it’s that simple! all a woman want is “to be happy”

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