Have you ever felt lost? Very Confused? Lot of questions you rilly want to ask! But you just can’t find a way to ask! You rilly want answers! But your not certain you ever want to know the answers, yes, that kind of confusion…..i call them the zillion dollar questions….. here is my own zillion dollar questions…

  • ………….i don’t know what went wrong,too scared to ask…..How did we get here? How did we fall apart? How did we give up on each other? How did we not try again? What went wrong? Was there loyalty? Was there an attraction? How did I get here? Why am I so scared? Why am I scared to voice out my real feelings/thoughts? Why am I always tongue tied? Why can’t I address certain issues straight on? Why am I not bold? Why is my self esteem so low? Why do I feel like am nt always good enough? Why do I feel like no one will sincerely like me? Love me for me? Love so deep…..

There are so many questions… How do I get answers?
#till my next post….
#have courage and be kind…..

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