The issue with traveling light.



I recently identified that travelling light has become one of the greatest challenges majority face. Myself included. I am one those “travel light” snob. I always believe it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  For me it’s always been impossible to pack light, am obviously a terrible packer. I always love having options.

Most of us still struggle with the issue of travelling light, even celebrities are not left out. Jim Iyke (our male fashion icon) recently shared on his instargram page on how he is a lost cause with traveling light. In his own word…..” Houston bound.. Clearly somone has to explain the concept of traveling light to me. Smh. I’m a lost cause Lol”. We all know Jim Iyke is a great traveler.

Obviously, you can still travel light and have everything you need, if you want to take more its a personal choice, it solely depends on what you need. Basically for me, my intent is always to travel light, but I end up packing heavier than expected. And so, I made my research on the importance of traveling light and I found out few tricks to packing light, which am going to share in a bit.

The importance of packing light can not be over emphasized as over packing has always been our biggest travel mistakes, with a light luggage, you spend less, at the same time your stress is reduced, simple and hassle free, and you could always  keep track of all your belongings……..

 So, here are few tips for packing light……..

  • Always plan ahead; decide on what you’ll take a few days ahead, so you don’t pack at the last minute.
  • Get a light weight suitcase.
  • choose your travel wardrobe wisely with versatile pieces and footwear based on weather and activities.
  • layout all of your planed clothes and accessories before you, pick only half of what you are sure you need.
  • when in doubt leave it.
  • stick to the essentials.. if you find out you return home from trips with a bag full of unused clean clothes, then its time to start packing less
  • stick with the basic toiletries, and only in travel size quantities
  • fold wisely. the way you fold your clothes matters a lot.

I hope this helps…..because traveling light is actually enjoyable and gives you a stress free traveling experience. less stuffs means greater mobility.

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