The cost of being a “WOMAN”



I don’t think I would want to change the fact that “am a woman” for anything. I love being a woman, I love wearing my pretty dresses. I love getting dolled up, I mean: there is something about a good makeup that makes you feel beautiful in an ugly day…… I love to wear my lingerie’s, cook on high heels, get my hair done for no just reason. (I won’t trade the power of being a woman for anything.)

Men can go ahead and complain about the cost of dating, there can shake their head all they like. But I would like to state clearly that being a woman is relatively expensive…… Considering the amount of money we spend on beauty products. Based on my thoughts, there are lots of feminine items women have to purchase per month, which probably would never occur to a man.

I am talking about living as a woman on daily basis, us, simply making our selves presentable. All that come at a price…ranging from purchases of beauty products, having to pay for a nice hairdo, manicure/ pedicure, finding the perfect shades of lipstick which often times,leads you to buying more colours than necessary, to the obligatory “monthly” purchases to expensive perfumes..(am sure the men love women
who smell good! ). To loads of shoes and fashionable
 cloths. We often have loads of shoes and clothes, but you see us agonising over what shoe to wear and what outfit to wear, and at the same time sulking  about not having enough…(LOL! the beauty of being a woman, we always need new shoes and new outfits).

Realistically, women never stop buying. Men could make do with a bar of soap,but women need a special cleanser for their faces, oh! we go for body wash to clean ourselves. It’s unlikely for a man to go choosing a particular brand of product for his skin. To them,Soap is soap, a lotion is a lotion, a comb is a comb. (LOL).

As if being a woman is not difficult enough, you still hear men complaining about how much there spend on their    ladies, how many beauty products do there have to buy? How many sanitary products do there have to buy on monthly basis? Now, compare the price of male undies to female undies! The difference is high, consider the cost of bra, knowing that an average woman has atleast eight bra’s she wears regularly.

So ladies, the next time you hear a man complaining of how much he spends on his woman, make him understand that being a woman is freeking
 expensive……And,until it becomes acceptable for us to get out of bed and start our day with an un kept hair, a faded pair of jeans, a worn out dress/tops, and a pair of worn out shoes…. only then can we put the issue of relative expenses to rest.

#till my next post…..
Be kind.

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  1. Nyc…woman hood is no joke at all

  2. Nyc…woman hood is no joke at all

  3. Mylifespot says:

    yeah! Right……

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