Relationship Issues; Does your Ex deserve a second chance?



There comes a time in everyone’s life, when their ex’es show up from no where, unannounced asking for a second chance. Mostly when the heartbreak has healed, we are not always tempted to take back our spouse, but there is always that one person who makes us think again.

Then, your left with the classic million dollar question. “If they deserve a second chance” well this is not an easy question to answer.

Though every relationship goes through good days, bad days and most times horrible and terrifying days.
Personally! I believe in second chances, people do mess up, but things could be better the second time, second chances isn’t always a bad idea, relationships do take work,if you both are willing to put in your time, then you should try again. But then, you need to put some certain things into consideration, when offered an opportunity to rekindle the love/romance you both shared.

Did they treat you so horrible? Did they repeatedly cheat on you? Was the reason for the break-up unforgivable? Do they make you a better person? You should be able to answer this questions sincerely.

I know you’re probably wondering, why i think getting back with an ex isn’t like taking a step backward. If it didn’t work then, it sure wouldn’t now. Right?

Well, when you realize that your ex has undergone series of change in whatever drove you two apart, sometimes it may be geographical distance,work pressure or other life challenges. And they still might be a very strong emotional bond. If you both are still in love with each other: then yes; your ex deserves a second chance.

If you see the growth and change you always wanted to see, then it’s worth it. Just put into consideration you and your partners feelings, make sure you both understand each other and are on the same page. Don’t get back simply because you miss each other.

There are often times when rekindling a relationship is a really bad idea. If your ex still appears to be annoying as they used to be, and still do the things that upset you, if they are still carrying the old baggage that drove you two apart. Then there is no point. Because those slight annoyances would turn into huge problems in the future. You don’t have to give endless chances to people who don’t deserve you. There are times you just know a second chance will only leave you hurt and broken all over again. If you have doubts about your relationship credibility and your partners sincerity, then it’s time to move on, and accept the fact that your relationship didn’t work out for a reason.

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