Addiction has long and often times been understood to mean an uncontrollable habit of using drugs or alcohol. When people hear the word addiction,they often think and conclude it to be a regular use of hard substance. Basically not all addiction involves the use of drugs.

However: most addictions has nothing to do with one’s strength or character. But people can actually develop a particular habit and get stuck,this are behavioral addictions,which turns out to be our normal everyday routine or recreational activities. I mean; each day is a constant struggle, there must be something we indulge in that gives us utmost pleasure, it could be gambling, playing video games, sex, Internet, eating, exercising, watching tv …..and a whole lot more.

Personally there are a lot of things I am addicted to, I love to write, am an addicted writer, am addicted to my phone, basically I can’t stay five minutes with out my phone (yea! It’s that bad). Am in love with chocolates. Am also an addicted shopper, shopping makes me happy. OMG am an addicted sleeper. I love my beauty sleep, (Lol). I could spend a whole day at the movies. Cinema is my happy place…..  and ice cream is bae to me. Am a music lover…… music automatically puts me in a good mood.

Although most times our addictions could be a means of escape from our wounds, challenges and the problems we face in life. We often use this habits to distract ourselves.

But when you realize this habits interferes with your ability to grow as a person, holding you back from living an active life. Then, It’s time to make a change. It’s time to discover your purpose in life, strive to achieve your goals. Only then will it be easier to let go of anything that distracts you. Time is too precious to waste.

Remember to always create a happier,healthier and prosperous you…….

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