Life of an unemployed Naija graduate



Being a Nigerian is one thing, being a graduate is another thing, Crown it all up and be UNEMPLOYED. That sums it up…….an UNEMPLOYED NIGERIAN GRADUATE.

( Don’t get me wrong oooo, am a patriotic Nigerian citizen, I really, really love Naija).

But the struggle of being unemployed as a graduate is just so alarming and depressing, Hmmmmm, thank God we are not suicidal (Nigerians are happy people). trust me, if we were, the suicide rate in Nigeria would have been so high.

OK. Let me start from the beginning… are an average Nigerian.(AN AVERAGE NIGERIAN.). you have gone through the normal educational system, (Nursery, Primary, Secondary)…. then the struggle of getting into the university begins…ofcoz you want to get a degree, get a good job, ride nice cars, live in a mansion, be a big boy/girl in general. Yea, yea, we all want that. Then you struggle through WAEC, NECO, and then the almighty JAMB, you properly may have tried to get a good grade for at least 3seatings,then finally after 3yrs of writing jamb and aptitude test, you get admission into the university, and usually not the course you applied for, but your grateful you got in, ( make I sha just get certificate). Your out after five or six years, with the strike routine included, then you get your NYSC call-up letter. Your excited!! your now a Corper!! (19,800 is sure for at least 11months).

  • THE AWAKENING: Now we are here….A graduate, young, vibrant with full potentials and zeal to succeed, ready to start a life. This is what you have always wanted,to be a graduate and independent.

The hustling starts… begin to apply for jobs, you call that uncle /aunty that promised you a job as soon as your done with NYSC, you make a call across to that friend you feel can pull a few strings.
Remember “an average Nigerian youth”!!!! Months slowly fading away, turning into years. You keep the struggle…”man must survive abi?” you continue hustling….for the guys, The hustle is so real. you begin to do side businesses to have some cash in your pocket. For the ladies…. your just there, hoping some rich dude will come ask for your hand in marriage…”make person just marry” (sounds familiar?).
Now the amazing part is when you read about a job placement, all you see is, something like this….

                    Qualification: B.SC in blabla bla……
                     Experience:  8yrs experience in this and that,. Not more than 29years old.
Quite hilarious isn’t it?…. how can one gain experience by being unemployed? how can one have 8yrs experience and not be more than 29? At what age did one actually graduate from school?.
But you still believe a job will come, you keep praying and keeping that faith…..until you begin to loose hope, and slowly sliding into frustration and depression. You have submitted enough cv’s both online and in papers, then you begin to get text messages from supposed employees, who are
scammers; messages like this:

                   You’ve been scheduled for a job briefing/assessment @161 Ikorodu
                    Road, opp Zenith bank, Onipanu b/stop Lagos. For enquiries call HR……..

At this point your cv has gone viral and fallen into wrong hands…hehhehhehe. if you are new to the system you get excited you have an interview,only to get disappointed at the end.
By the time your done holding to empty promises and hope, now you basically can’t afford anything anymore, then you begin to make difficult compromises and decisions, silly ideas begin to pop into your head, you become frustrated and depressed, afraid of the things you might do… make bad choices/mistakes then you begin to live in regrets…..

At this point……your just another unhappy unemployed Naija Graduate…….

on the streets are young ones beginning their own struggle, trying to gain admission into the University, you feel like screaming out to them “Don’t be in a hurry, there is really nothing out here.”

Till my next post……..
#have courage and be kind.

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