Imagining The Perfect Future.



I usually love imagining the future,the perfect job, the perfect husband,how my kids would look like, the country I would love to live in,the cars I would love to ride…

Sometimes I tell myself,what reality can’t achieve, dreams fulfil,
One day am going to start my own business,one day am going to  start a blog and write everyday, one day am going to live in a country I really want to live in. One day am going to help other people live life to the full potential. One day am going to be so proud of myself.
I have been making excuses for so long, I keep putting off my dream and live in the moment. I keep waiting for the perfect time, I make excuses because I don’t really know what’s going to happen next.
How is it even possible to get a perfect job in a country where virtually every youth is unemployed!
How is it even possible to get a good man, when all the good ones are either married, in a relationship or gay. ( Abi we should start snatching other people’s Men) how is it even possible to start up a business with practically no capital! How is this possible? How is that possible?
This are the MAJOR EXCUSES I give myself…(sounds familiar)
THE TRUTH IS….. Everything has already been done. So I tell myself that is not a reason, not to do something. It’s rather a reason to do it even better…
So I decided to create something that reflects my own unique skills and purpose. People say: there are a thousand and one bloggers.. I say : I Haven’t  been listed. There are a thousand and one writers. I say: none has been written by me.
No one really knows what there are doing, when there start something new. So why not start right now? ( start writing, start that blog, start that business, start that relationship,Change something)
The perfect moment is now.

2 Replies to “Imagining The Perfect Future.”

  1. The Narrator says:

    Really… the perfect time is now… The future starts with today's decision…

  2. Mylifespot says:

    Yes..That time is NOW

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