HEY!!!!!! Stop brushing your teeth the wrong way…..



What if you’ve been brushing your teeth the wrong way your entire life. Weird right?

Brushing your teeth may seem like an easy process, after all we all learned how to clean our teeth as kids. Your mum making sure you brush up twice or more a day. It’s not that simple, we still get it wrong most of the time. we need to master the art of tooth brushing…. I know that the suggestion to relearn the proper brushing technique may sound silly.

But brushing your teeth is not just for the whiter smile and fresher breath. It’s also important for your overall health. I bet u didn’t know brushing your teeth wrongly misses more than half the germs in your mouth. So it’s always important to clean between your teeth, your tongue, cheeks and the floor of your mouth. You would also want to adapt a habit of flossing to make sure your cleaning every surface effectively. You don’t want to be moving around with germs in your mouth…so it’s time to take home some important tips on how to clean your teeth appropriately.

Step one: Change that brush.. it’s always necessary to have a good clean brush. Replace your tooth brush every 3months.

Step two: Take it easy on the teeth; do not apply too much pressure…. Hold the tooth brush between your thumb and forefinger to make sure your not applying a lot of pressure.

Step three: Take a chill pill after eating. ( literally). Don’t brush immediately after your meal. Wait a while before doing that, your enamel will wear down, if you brush immediately after eating. And try not to eat right after brushing too.

Step four: Time your brushing; divide your teeth into sections, spend 30 seconds on each one.

Step five: Floss Floss and Floss some more; flossing is just as important as brushing. So make sure you do it consistently.

Step six: Always use soft bristles; hard bristles can damage your enamel and gum.

Make sure to clean your teeth the right way…..( yea! you can thank me later….  lol )

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