Happiness: Life’s Most Cherished Goal



 Happiness is life’s most cherished goals. We all want happiness. We all want to be happy! We want happy relationships. We want to live a healthy life. You want money! It feels good to buy and do the things you love. What ever you want in your life, is because you feel your happiness is tied to it. What ever you don’t want in life is simply because it doesn’t give you joy! All the things you want are motivated by the good feelings it will bring.
We often ask our selves what makes us happy? Why are we here? When asked what we want from life! The most popular answer is “happiness” every one seem to be in pursuit of happiness.
We all are chasing happiness faster than ever. We often ask ourselves what we can do to be happier? Often times happiness is just a matter of letting go of bad habits and bad energy.
Although, it’s not always an easy task achieving happiness. This drives many of us to go in search of happiness in wrong places. We all want that positive energy/feelings, so we go fall in love in wrong places, buy expensive things we don’t really need, some turn to hard drugs and alcohol all just to find happiness.
Most people have everything they want and are still unhappy. People are still unhappy despite of the Luxury they may have.
The truth is you’re the main source of your happiness. No one is going to offer you happiness. You’re wonderful career won’t bring you happiness, most people identify happiness with money and success.

 You may have been living your life saying to yourself “I will be happy when I have a better job”,  “I will be happy when I get a job”,  ” I will be happy when I get a better house”,  ” I will be happy when I have enough money”,  or ” I will be happy when I can travel”,  “I will be happy when am famous and rich”,  ” I will be happy when my business is a success”.

But in real sense you won’t have all this things because your thoughts are depriving you of positive energy. You’re happiness are not really tied to this things. You have to be happy first to receive happy things.

Happiness is an internal state and can’t be determined by how much money you have, or you’re social status. Many of us pursue some goals hoping to find happiness. But this goals only bring temporary satisfaction. We would always want more.
Your happiness solely depends on you and not on external situations, when you realize this, only then can true happiness be achieved.

Are you in pursuit of happiness? Here are ways to help find it. 

  • Only you, can make yourself happy. You really don’t have to rely on anyone to make you happy! Accept and love yourself. 
  • Let go of every Negativity: learn to forgive, see every challenge as an opportunity for something greater. Open yourself up to success and embrace failures and mistakes. 
  • Be Kind: always show kindness everywhere you go, speak well of others, compliment people,Listen to others, Smile and practice generosity.
  • Live in the moment: your past does not define you, don’t replay negative events in your head. Don’t worry about the future. Expectations can put a lot of pressure on you, which will only leave you sad. Expectations ruin happiness. 
  • Live a healthy lifestyle: get enough sleep, eat properly, reduce the hour you spend watching Tv. Exercise daily, Laugh more. 

  • Be inwardly free: live a simple life, extravagant living brings more stress than satisfaction. Make a to do list of what makes you happy, try to do them.
Happiness is contagious, try to always be positive and energetic, your happiness could influence others. 
Always remember to protect your happiness. Because you’re in control of it. 

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