Fitness Goals… What is your game plan?



Making a lifestyle change can be very challenging, you may be trying to be more physically active or just want to build some muscles, or to lose fat, get in shape, lose some weigh, or to stay healthy in general.

Whatever your workout/ exercise goals may be, no matter how broad or specific it is. You must first figure out what your over all fitness goal is, which will help you create a good work out routine. Obviously, having more specific intentions is even more powerful as that will help you measure your progress along the way.

Since am great at simplifying things  as much as possible am going to list out some goals you may want to add to your list……….

Lower your body fat percentage…if your goal is to shed some pound, you really should be aiming to lose body fat and gain muscle.

Get stronger….. ( this is for the ladies) Don’t be afraid to make strength one of your goals! Newsflash!! You can be strong and skinny.

Master a skill……..pick a sport or a skill your really interested in learning.

Make fitness a part of your routine…… don’t just work out to get in shape for a specific occasion or event and relax afterwards…. #stay motivated.

Also be specific on how far you want to go. Don’t just make a statement. Make it measurable! Exactly how many kilograms do you want to lose. Now! Once you decide on your fitness goals, the next step is for you to consider how to reach that goal.

Different goals require different approaches. Weight loss requires you to regularly burn more calories than you consume. Cut down on junk food, eat smaller portions of food than usual. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. Figure out your game plan and work towards achieving it.
This goals will help you stay motivated and “FIT”

Don’t give up. Your worth the effort.

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